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#02 INTERVIEW: Sabina & Andi from Vienna, Austria [EN]

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Vienna, the golden city of music, the place where great composers lived, composed pieces, developed styles and premiered big sinfonies. Vienna, where a dark experimental subculture coexists with the golden shining classical music. All the pomp, the huge palaces and the coffee houses seem inviting and tidy but also make me suspicious. There must be something else going on behind this façade.

The search turns out to be amazingly difficult. I hadn't reckoned with the fear to venture out of the traditional structures. Contacts with the Vienna Philharmonic, other Viennese orchestras and classical freelancers remained almost all unanswered.

Finally Sabina and Andi decided to join the journey and as in the end we didn't find a room to work in with a piano we grabbed the microphones and they just showed me around their favourite places, always looking for sounds, for the music that vibrates in the city.

We discovered rhythms and timbres that normally get lost in the masses, unnoticed in everyday life. We also visited a musical instrument shop, where instruments from all regions of the world can be found. That's why the piece sounds like world music at the end, which fits perfectly to Vienna, the old cultural centre, the melting pot of cultures.

But we also recorded the sounds of the tram and a construction site, church bells and a group of Japanese tourists. Finally we found a public piano in the 'Haus der Musik' at the very end at night…

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