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#02 SONG: Creating Music in the Streets of Vienna, Austria [EN]

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If you walk through the city of Vienna with open senses, you can hardly escape its diversity. Sounds, tastes, patterns, genres, cultures, religions and traditions. All this … can be heard

In Vienna Sabina's, Andi's and my goal was to leave as many boundaries and categories as possible behind. We wanted to discover Vienna as a city with a multicultural past and present. The influences from the Far and Middle East and all other directions are everywhere, from Mozart and Beethoven to the experimental and popular music of today.

We packed up my Surround-microphone and went out to capture the sound of the city. Besides construction sites, church bells and a group of Japanese tourists, also a world music store, a public piano and Andi's guitar made it into the song.

Come along on our tour through the city of music

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